Integrating ESG and
sustainability in our strategy

ESG and sustainability have been integrated within our strategy, which is premised on:

Creating value

Identifying commercial opportunities to address ESG challenges

Protecting value

Identifying and responding early to ESG-related risks

Enabling value

Leading broader change by using our influence through collaboration across the value chain

Sustainability drivers

Furthermore, we have identified five sustainability drivers which are based on assigning value to the capital assets we depend on for our economy and society to flourish, as they are all interdependent. Our sustainability drivers are embedded in our strategy and are focused on ensuring sustainability for our business, our customers, communities, society, the economy, and the environment.

Our sustainability drivers are:
customer satisfaction
Social responsibility
Financial resilience
Environmental protection

Our strategy is underpinned by good corporate governance, which is implemented in an integrated manner, promoting an ethical culture, good performance, effective control, and legitimacy.

A visual depiction of our strategy

Our Commitment to Transparency and Continuous Improvement

As we release our first ESG Report, we reaffirm our dedication to transparency and continuous improvement in our reporting practices, aligning with industry best practices. Through this report, we highlight how our mission comes to life through our business endeavours, emphasising the material importance of ESG considerations and their integration into our business model.

NSSF Uganda's 2023 ESG Report is a testament to our commitment to fostering sustainable growth, social responsibility, and good governance as we journey towards building inclusive prosperity for all.