We take immense pride in our commitment to sustainability and ESG principles. Our leadership team has meticulously worked to make the Fund an example of being responsible, sustainable, and ethical in our business practices.
Mr. Patrick M Ayota, Managing Director

Commitment to ESG and Sustainability

We have flawlessly integrated ESG principles into our operations, solidifying our dedication to social and environmental responsibility. This year's inaugural Fund ESG Report proudly showcases our progress in this regard.

Non-financial factors such as encompassing ESG aspects, are now central to our decision-making process. Their significance has grown as we recognise their interconnectedness and impact on our operations. By incorporating these factors into our strategy, we gain deeper insights into growth opportunities and material risks, guiding us towards making more informed and responsible choices.

At the Fund, we appreciate that embracing sustainability is not only the right thing to do for our society and the environment but also a strategic imperative for the long-term success and resilience of our Fund, building a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Inclusivity for shared prosperity

Our 10-year strategy continues to steer our direction and growth. Building upon our 2025 strategy, we have set ambitious targets for the next decade. Central to our strategy is an active role in the daily lives of young Ugandans, especially in the areas of agriculture and job creation. By promoting a culture of saving and enhancing the capacity to save, we aim to empower Ugandans to achieve greater financial security and prosperity.

Our focus on increasing earnings and economic opportunities for our members will be a catalyst for attracting more individuals to join the Fund, enabling growth of our membership base. Our audacious goal is to grow our member base from the current 10% of the working population to 50% of Uganda’s labour force by 2035.

By creating capacity to save, the Fund shall roll out strategies focusing on job creation such as intervening in the agriculture value chain and supporting the innovation ecosystem. For instance, through our Hi-Innovator Programme, we extend support to promising entrepreneurs by offering seed capital to pave the way for their growth and success, enhancing job creation. In addition, we are partnering with various stakeholders to drive compliance of all employers. The Fund will also continue to offer various products and services to enable our members to save voluntarily.

The Financial Literacy Programme continuously engages members in financial wellness and preparation for their retirement journey. These various initiatives have been purposefully implemented over the years as part of our sustainability goals. By nurturing young talent and stimulating economic growth, we not only empower the next generation but also contribute to the development of Uganda's economy.

Looking forward

We will continue to focus on driving shared value and sustainable growth and tackling the most pressing challenges faced by our customers, employers, and the communities in which we operate.

By embracing inclusivity, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and financial empowerment, we lay the groundwork for lasting prosperity for all Ugandans. This will enable a future pipeline of contributions and new investment opportunities for the Fund.