In order for the Fund to be sustainable, customer-centricity is at the heart of what we do. Building long-term relationships with our customers is core to our growth strategy and organisational values. To ensure a high-quality customer experience, we prioritise meeting three core needs of our members: effective planning for their needs, empowering them with choices, and making them feel valued. This focus allows us to offer high-value and personalised services at NSSF.

Following the NSSF Amendment Act 2022, we have been on a drive to grow our member and employer base beginning with those employers employing under 5 staff. This is in alignment with making our products and services more accessible by driving inclusion for all.


At NSSF, every aspect of our operations and initiatives influences our customers' perception. Whether it is addressing operational issues, introducing new products, or fulfilling our mandate, the goal is to deliver an exceptional customer experience. To achieve this, we work together across the entire organisation, striving to improve and sustain every aspect of our customers' journey.

Our commitment to delivering value is driven by our passion for serving our members in the best way possible. We recognise the importance of our people's quality and dedication and our ability to collaborate effectively and create synergies. As we provide social security services, we offer various engagement platforms, including digital solutions, contact centers, walk-in services through our branch network and outreach centers, and personalised assistance from relationship managers. In our pursuit of Responsible Growth, we keep our customers' unique financial needs at the forefront, ensuring that our products and services evolve to meet their requirements.

Our staff are customer centric and our members are a priority to us
At NSSF we take pride in offering world class customer services


Our member services encompass customer experience, benefits and data, and service quality. These services enable us to transform our resources into valuable outcomes that align with our strategic goals and benefit our customers. Throughout our journey, we have cultivated strong and enduring relationships with our customers, staying true to our mandate. We achieve this by:

  • Continuously improving our services and striving for higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Fair treatment, transparent communication, and timely service delivery are integral to our inclusive approach that respects and reflects the diversity of our customer base
  • Living up to our promise of making lives better by offering simplicity, convenience, speed, safety, accuracy, and clarity in our offerings

To gauge the quality of our customer relationships and service, we conduct regular external and internal service tracking. These include various indicators such as Customer Satisfaction Index, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Mystery Shopper Survey Score, Service Quality Score, Customer Effort Score, Service Level and Efficiency, First Call Resolution, Customer Complaints and Resolution Time Around Time (TAT), and E-channels to Walk-in ratio. Although we have made significant improvements in service levels, our dedication to transparency, accountability, and ethical leadership drives us to strive for even greater performance. We remain committed to acknowledging areas for improvement and fulfilling our mandate with utmost dedication.


Key member and customer concerns Material areas …to achieve the following value
For our customers For our Fund
  • Simplicity and convenience
  • Speed, safety and accuracy
  • Benefits that matter
  • Clarity of offerings
  • Providing our customers with a personalised services offering
  • Continuously automating processes and driving innovation
  • Clear communication
  • Ensuring Know Your Customer (KYC) at each point of contact
  • Improving front and back-end collaborations
  • Process improvements
  • Embracing Financial Literacy at all touchpoints
  • Continuously empower our staff provide excellent and consistent customer experience
  • Simple, efficient, and convenient service solutions accelerated by innovation and digital enablement
  • A safe, trustworthy, and accountable social security provider
  • Timely benefits payments
  • Profitability and competitive returns
  • Empowered customers making better financial decisions
  • Increased clarity on offerings via customer engagement
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction
  • Improved NPS
  • Increased service quality
  • Customer trust and support
  • Growth of the customer base
Nature of relationship Our customers are the members who are the principal owners of the Fund and direct beneficiaries of Fund services. These are made of employers who are entities of varying size across diverse industry sectors that make contributions on behalf of employees (workers). The employees are those in these entities in the private sector and are earning a wage. Through the NSSF (Amendment) Act 2022, we are expanding social security coverage to the informal sector and ensuring that all workers and their loved ones invest in their future and plan for retirement.


In our pursuit of fast and effective customer service, we foster an environment that promotes curiosity, digital thinking, and continuous improvement among our people. This approach empowers us to swiftly refine ideas and deliver brilliant solutions. Throughout FY 2022/23, we placed significant emphasis on enhancing our customer experience and service. This involved leveraging enterprise technology, investing in digital capabilities, streamlining, and automating processes, and empowering our people to deliver the best customer experience. All of this was achieved amidst the challenges of ensuring stability in our operations.

Despite a challenging year, we are not defined by our setbacks, and we will gauge our success by our ability to learn from these and rise above them with renewed vigour and determination to fulfil our mandate. Our approach to making lasting, positive change in our customers’ lives is focused on talent, diversity, equity, and inclusion. In our efforts to position ourselves, we recognised our responsibility as a conscientious corporate citizen to generate sustainable value for our members, stakeholders, and society.


Digital Benefits Claim Application

We successfully implemented the Digital Benefits Claim Application, offering online claim processing for members on both the Web App and the Mobile App. This front-end verification process has resulted in faster service, accommodating walk-in customers. Key outcomes include online application options, real-time biometric and bank details verification using facial recognition, and reduced paper usage and printing costs.

WhatsApp Chatbot

We deployed ‘Sanyu,’ an Artificial Intelligent-powered chatbot on our customer WhatsApp channel. The chatbot enables our customers to register with NSSF, track their benefits processing, check their provisional statement balances, and respond to their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Where customer requests cannot be fulfilled, Sanyu is seamlessly routing the query to the best available agent.

Know Your Customer (KYC) Transformation

As part of our KYC Transformation, we have taken steps to better understand and serve our customers using existing information. Through a KYC solutions portal deployed via MTN, we enable over 1.5 million customers to update their non-financial data using their individual global identifier, such as National ID Number, Passport, or Refugee Number. This ensures proper identification of our customers and facilitates business relationship growth, while also enhancing our 360-degree view of the customer to further improve service delivery.

Instant self-registration via Mobile Telecom USSD

Through a strategic partnership with a leading mobile telecommunications company, MTN, we have streamlined the enrolment process for new customers. Using USSD, over 3,000 new customers have successfully registered and obtained their personal social security numbers. This efficient channel ensures instant confirmation of their NSSF number or account via SMS, enhancing the overall enrolment experience for our valued customers.

Savings Payment Using NSSF number over the Bank Counters

We have introduced a convenient and cost-effective option for our voluntary customers. They now have the choice to transact and pay contributions at zero cost over the bank counter using their NSSF 13-digit number. This service has been successfully rolled out in collaboration with DFCU bank, and we are actively working to expand it to other bank platforms, including Agent, Online Payments, Standing orders, Bank App payments, and Mobile Wallets. Our commitment is to enhance the quality of life for all our customers, ensuring their savings are promptly remitted and contributing to their financial stability for the future.

Benefits Processed and Paid

In the last financial year, we efficiently processed benefits for 46,337 members and disbursed a record-breaking amount of UGX 1,205,754,493,803 with an average turnaround time of 11.9 days, a notable improvement compared to the 12.3 days in the previous year. This marks the first time in the Fund's history that we paid out over one trillion Uganda Shillings in a single year. The increase in benefits payment was driven by a significant rise in claimants, both midterm and age-related.

Our commitment is to improve the quality of life for all our members, ensuring that when we disburse benefits to eligible individuals, we empower them to enhance their financial stability and overall well-being. We continuously strive to streamline our processes, delivering prompt and seamless services to our valued customers.

Annual Members Meeting

On 27 September 2022, the Fund held an interactive Annual Members Meeting (AMM) in line with our commitment to transparency and accountability to NSSF members, stakeholders, and the public. The event has, over the years, become a significant highlight for the Fund, attracting key NSSF partners as well as contributors.

During the meeting, Fund management shared information about social security and current social security trends and the operations of NSSF regarding contributions collection, benefits payments, investments, and future initiatives. The event highlighted our purpose of making savings a lifestyle. The Board of Directors reported on the performance and plans of the Fund for the current financial year, and in turn, received feedback in an interactive forum. The event was majorly virtual through our online platforms, television, and the Fund’s social platforms.

Achievements: We attained a total real-time livestream views of 12,909 compared to the previous financial year of 11,081. The event coverage registered 100% Positive sentiments.

NSSF Executive Committee answering member queries at the Annual Members Meeting
Awards Won in FY2023
  • We received the International Social Security Association (ISSA) Good Practice Award for Automating Member Benefits Claim as awarded to the Fund in May 2023. This was in the category of African Competition 2023.
  • We also received the International Social Security Association (ISSA) Good Practice Award for Invalidity Benefit Payments to Members affected by Covid-19 as awarded to the Fund in May 2023. This was in the category of African Competition 2023



Description FY23 Target FY19 FY20 FY21 FY22 FY23 FY25 Target
Customer Satisfaction score 86% 84% 83% 86% 82% 88% 95%
Mystery Shopper rating 86% 83% 86% 82% 82% 88.3% 95%
Net Promoter Score (NPS) 65 59 67 76 74 72 85
Customer Effort Score 60% - 83% 86% 68% 85% 95%
Customer complaints and resolution 4 working days 14975 resolved in 3 days 13784 resolved in 10 working days 7,380 resolved in 15 working days 15,390 resolved in 5 working days 14,017 to 3.5 working days 1 day
Service quality score 90% 92% 91% 86% 95% 91% 95%
Service Level 80% 80.5% 81% 86% 84% 86.5% 80%
Benefits Turnaround Time (TAT) 9 days 8 days 7 days 8.4 days 12.3 days 11.9 days 1
E-channels to Walk-in ratio 90 to 10 62 to 38 84 to 16 94 to 6 93 to 7 94 to 6 95 to 5

Looking ahead, we are focused on the following priorities to improve customer experience:

  • Develop and deepen the Concept for 360-degree view of our members
  • Improve every interaction between our front facing service advisors and customers, with further investment in skills and tools
  • Implement Voice of the customer Led Designs
  • Develop all our digital (online) channels to enable more customers to adopt online as the best method of interacting with us
  • Enable all our people to put customers’ needs at the heart of their decision making
  • Continuously improve our processes and solutions to improve customer convenience and interactions
Critical success factors for customer satisfaction
  • Leverage opportunities resulting from the new law to develop new products and services for our customers to meet individual needs for both long- and short-term savings, for example, creating a unit trust
  • Changing the business model from a relationship management model currently servicing 30,000 employers to an agile model which will be scalable to service 150,000 employers and potentially 14 million individuals in the informal sector
  • Optimise digitisation and innovation to improve customer service
  • Continue to achieve outstanding customer service results
  • Streamline structures to enable internal resources to initiate solutions to challenges swiftly to better serve our customer base